Stay Healthy during Holidays

Yeayyyy, holidays are coming 🎉🎉 . The year-end holidays that are together with the school semester holidays are usually used for family gatherings. Can go home, or take a walk out of town 🚗✈🚈 . Especially those who still have small children, pay attention to their health too … Don’t get tired of holidays, you […]

Zero Stunting : Yayasan Balita Sehat Ajak Kader Posyandu Buat Kreasi Menu Sehat Cegah Stunting (NEWS Article from National Media)

TRIBUNJATENG.COM — Yayasan Balita Sehat Indonesia menggandeng Puskesmas Ngesrep berupaya untuk mencegah zero stunting atau gagal tumbuh pada balita yang mengakibatkan mengalami tumbuh kerdil di wilayah Semarang dengan terobosan melibatkan para kader Posyandu se-wilayah kerja Puskemas Ngesrep untuk membuat kreasi menu sehat pemberian makanan tambahan (PMT) yang tinggi nilai gizi dengan harga terjangkau. “Tujuan di […]

Talkshow about Stunting and Healthy Menu for the KIDS

To celebrate the National Health Day which fell on November 15, FMCH Indonesia collaborated with the Ngesrep Community Health Center, Semarang, held a talkshow about preventing stunting and a PMT healthy menu creation competition for Posyandu cadres. The speaker of the talkshow was Mr. A Fahmy Arfi Tsani, S.Gz, M.Sc, RD who is a lecturer […]

Prevent Stunting!

To prevent and treat stunting in infants, you can do the following: Improve nutrition and health of pregnant women. Childbirth is helped by a trained midwife or doctor, and the baby is given exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. From the age of 6 months babies are given complementary food for breast milk and breast milk […]

Stunting Cases in Indonesia: A little notes

Stunting is a nutritional problem that is quite significant related to the growth and development of the child. The state of stunting is an indicator of nutritional problems from a long-standing condition. Such as the problem of poverty, unhealthy behavior, parenting and giving poor food intake. . Stunting toddlers generally also have lower intelligence than […]

Branch Office Launch in Semarang

Semarang, March 25th, 2018 – The FMCH Programme Manager, Helga Dyah and the Head of Banyumanik Village, Mrs. Dewi Meirjana inaugurated the Semarang branch office which will operate in the region of Central Java and its surrounding areas. Over 100 residents and village officers attended, as well as the village head, the local representative of […]