Midwives training for Pregnancy Class: Pandemic doesn’t Matter!

The maternal and child mortality rates in Indonesia are still high. Based on the data presented by ICIFPRH Committee Coordinator, MeiwitaBudhiharsan, the rate is 302 per 1000 live birth (data 2018-2019). Mortality rates are affected not only by physical health factors but also mental health factors during pregnancy. Thus, FMCH Indonesia initiated a pregnancy class programme that has been running since 2014. 

During the COVID pandemic, we did not run pregnancy classes for mothers but instead, on November 25th, 2020 we conducted training for midwives as facilitators in the village. They are our local partners based in Timor Tengah Selatan regency, Nusa Tenggara Timur. In this training, midwives from Fenun village and Kualeu village attended. The YBS region coordinator for NTT was the training facilitator, and YBS communication officer and YBS’ midwife coordinator, Devi Handayani, was the speaker. 

This training took place in Oinlasi village and connected virtually with the speaker from Jakarta. This event began with an opening and introduction session about YBS programmes in general and then Meti Kamlasi, the regional coordinator, then focused specifically on the pregnancy programme. After that, Devi facilitated the training. The training included how to manage mental health during pregnancy. Devi explained about mental health in general terms, safe delivery, and happy breastfeeding.  

All materials were delivered interactively and there were many pictures, infographics and questions for the audience. There was a good atmosphere in the training. It was intensive and held over 8hours. “I love this training, it enlightened me,” said, Margaret, a midwife from Fenun village. As a follow-up, FMCH Indonesia will complete their competence and knowledge by giving them a complete module about happy pregnancy and nursing kits. 

For us, the pandemic doesn’t matter. We always maximize our commitment to improve mother and children’s lives and this training was proof. Besides, the enthusiasm of the participants deserves thumbs up! They were willing to come to the sub-district center to join this training. In fact, they must come to the sub district as their internet signal is very bad in the village. We do believe strong determination will overcome any obstacles, including this pandemic situation. (Brg/Comms)

Contributor: YSB Region Coordinator in NTT, Meti Kamlasi