Storytelling Training on Universal Children’s Day 2023 | FMCH Indonesia x Williams-Sonoma Indonesia

Last November 14, 2023, FMCH Indonesia collaborated with Williams-Sonoma Indonesia (WSI) to celebrate Universal Children Day 2023. The celebration was held by organizing storytelling training with the participants of 24 tutors from 12 YBS-supported ELC (Early Learning Centers) in SoE, NTT. During this training session, tutors were briefed on the significance of engaging children through storytelling using a range of interactive methods. Additionally, their storytelling skills were upgraded through practical training exercises. Yuliana, an experienced storytelling practitioner, acted as the trainer for the event.

As part of the collaboration, WSI employees also contributed to the promotion of storytelling practices by sharing personal narratives about their hometowns, professions, and inspirational figures. These stories were gathered and curated into an electronic storybook, which will serve as a valuable learning material for ELCs across Jakarta, West Java, Southwest Sumba, and NTT.

This e-storybook was made to promote storytelling and can be used by teachers, parents, and the community to tell stories to children. All story ideas were submitted by Williams-Sonoma Indonesia employees, curated by FMCH Indonesia Team, and developed into 13 children’s stories by Sekar Aprilia.

Picture 3. Group picture with WSI employees, FMCH team, trainer, and participants

You can download the e-storybook here:

Any form of distribution and activity aimed at reproducing copies of the e-book for educational purposes within the teaching environment is permitted. However, reproduction of copies of the e-book for commercial gain without the consent of FMCH Indonesia is strictly prohibited.