Market Day by FMCH Womenpreneur

Picture 1. (Market Day’s attendees)

Jakarta, 31th March —- FMCH Indonesia as one of the NGO’s enganged in mother and child health sector also has income generating program that focus on mothers, parents of students and teachers at their assisted PAUD as participants. This program aims to increase parent’s income and help families prosperity, so it will be very useful in the future especially for our beneficiaries. Indeed, FMCH Indonesia cannot doing it by themselves without any help of donors especially Bank of America Merryl Linch. Therefore, the formation and production process can go very well and smooth. At the process, FMCH Indonesia doesn’t intervene it directly, but they’re provide facilities such as training for trainers, several tools and materials, also offline and online marketing. Currently, FMCH Indonesia has four focus areas for the development of FMCH Womenprener throughout Indonesia, there is Jakarta, Bogor, Soe, and Southwest Sumba. This year, FMCH Indonesia plans to expand more areas in the four focus areas to increase the number of beneficiaries.

As the first step of our marketing process, we launched the product which was held along with FMCH Indonesia’s birthday bash on March 28th, 2023 at Sahati Hotel, Jakarta. This event also invited several mothers as a part of FMCH Womenpreneur in the production unit, several agency and NGO as FMCH Indonesia’s relatives, such as Happy Heart Foundation, Yayasan Usaha Mulia, Save The Children, Ninos Foundation, SEAMEO RECFON, Koalisi PAUD HI, serta Indonesia Ministry of agriculture.

Picture 2. (Market Day’s opening by FMCH Indonesia’s Chairwoman)

Picture 3. (Sharing and Discussion)

This event was held informally, opened with an introduction about FMCH Indonesia in order to celebrate the 22th years of FMCH Indonesia along with a product launch by the chairwoman of Foundation of Mother and Child Health Indonesia. Then, followed by discussion and sharing session, and closed with iftar. At the venue, there was also a small exhibition that presenting FMCH Womenpreneur’s products as shown at the picture below. The products was made originally by the hands of FMCH Womenpreneur’s mothers. The products had a lot varian that make it unique, various, and different from others. Variety of products, starting from accessories which has no gender so it can be used by anyone (unisex), until the kids toys that will be very useful to educate and hone children’s motoric development.

Picture 4. (FMCH Womenpreneur’s accessories product)

Picture 5. (FMCH Womenpreneur’s education toys product)

This event was closed with an iftar session, sightseeing products at a small exhibition and do the purchasing transactions between seller and customer. Not to mentioned, but they also took some pictures to captured the moments of FMCH Indonesia’s birthday bash and FMCH Womenpreneur’s launching product. Such a nice event. On the other side, the attendees also took a photos with our mini exhibition. Alhamdulillah, this event ran smooth and well, FMCH Indonesia’s friendship was well established too by holding Market Day FMCH Womenpreneur. Hopefully, this is a good start for FMCH Womenpreneur in the future. Let’s take a look several photos of our event.

Picture 6. (Sightseeing FMCH Womenpreneur’s product)

Picture 7. (Customer’s and the maker)

Picture 8. (Superteam>.<)

Please kindly check our catalog below to find out more product of FMCH Womenpreneur!^^

Picture 9. (FMCH Womenpreneur’s digital catalog)

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