FMCH Indonesia Distribute Five Hundred Cloth Mask to the East Indonesia

The spread of the COVID virus has reached all provinces in Indonesia including East Nusa Tenggara Province. Even though COVID cases are not too high in NTT, the local Government continues to give advice to the community to abide by the Covid19 preventative health protocols to continue to use cloth masks and maintaining cleanliness.

The COVID pandemic has had an impact on the people assisted by FMCH Indonesia who live in two remote villages of Nunleu and Mio Village. Children, parents and adults are required to wear cloth masks when leaving the house or in the fields. The village government also prohibits activities that mobilize large crowds in one place. If these rules are violated, the community will be liable to sanctions and large gatherings will be disbanded.

For this reason, FMCH Indonesia contributed to the prevention of Covid19 by distributing 511 cloth masks and hygiene packages in the form of hand-washing soap, detergent and antiseptic liquid, to children and families. FMCH also provided education about Covid19 and how to maintain a healthy life. The cloth maskswere produced by the FMCH Indonesia Skill Team.

The distribution of cloth masks and hygiene packages in Nunleu village were carried out three times in May 2020 and encountered unfavorable weather conditions such as rain and strong winds. The distribution of masks and hygiene packages in the village of Mio also took place in May 2020.

“Thank you FMCH Indonesia for sharing the cloth masks and hygiene packages to the people of Mio village. We were greatly helped, because we did not have the help of masks like this. I hope that the people here will wear the masks and maintain cleanliness so there is no positive case of Covid19. Once again, thank you, “Rev. Diana Rs Oematan, S.Th.

The distribution of cloth masks and hygiene packages would not be possible without the support of the Priscilla Hall Memorial-Foundation and Donald William Hall. For this reason, FMCH Indonesia would like to thank to PHMF for continuing support our programs.