First Aid Training for Child and Infant

Our staff, consisting of two ELC teachers from Cipete and Bojonggede site, a midwife and a nutritionist, joined the First Aid Course for Child and Infant training on September 24th, 2019. The event was conducted by International SOS Medika Klinik in Jakarta. This course was suggested and sponsored by Don Hall from the Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation for FMCH’s staff.

As FMCH staff work closely with children and infants, it is necessary for them to understand what to do when an accident or an emergency happens. The course is vital to improve our knowledge, skills and boost our confidence to provide medical assistance until the arrival of, or transfer to, professional medical support services.

During the one-day training, we learned about several topics on essential first aid such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); recovery position; choking management for children and infants; treatment of minor wounds, burns and bleeding; fainting and shock; bone, joint, and muscle injuries; drowning; and common medical problems in children and infants (anaphylactic and epinephrine injection usage, seizure, asthma). Then, we received the first aid workbook that can be used to check and refresh our knowledge.

The certificate was given to the participants at the end of the training. We are thankful and grateful we completed this course. We understand that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, especially for children. Therefore, the knowledge to face an emergency is critical and essential.

Unfortunately, most of the mothers in our community do not have the privilege to access and/or receive the training. However, our FMCH staff will share this useful information with the parents. We hope that it can give them confidence to take care of their children in an emergency.

Thank you very much for bringing hope to those in need.