Visit NTT 2019

This month our team visited Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) specifically, the Timor Tengah Selatan region, to monitor and evaluate our organization and programmes for three days. We went there with one of our donors, the USANA Foundation, to meet with our beneficiaries of the feeding program for toddlers. We also conducted a workshop to encourage people to utilize and cook local products, thereby encouraging people to eat locally and seasonally.

The next day, we visited FMCH early learning centres in Laeroi, Enabosa, Sion and Nenoat to give out educational games and meet with teachers and children there. We also hold pregnancy classes in several places there and we gave out gym balls to help the mothers exercise, and bras in collaboration with Sheer Bra.

Our project ‘Days for Girls’, in collaboration with the Priscila Hall Memorial Foundation, was organized in SMP YasuariNoetoko. The students learned about reproductive health including menstruation and how to use washable pads that can be used to substitute commercial sanitary pads.

We are fighting for the basic needs of women and it is starting with girls in high school. Commonly women have used commercial sanitary products to soak up their menstrual blood. But not all women have access and money to buy them.  Moreover, the remote geographical location of these villages in NTT, sometimes limits access for women to buy these products. We focus on what we should do, and what we can do, right now, to help women and at the same time,help save our planet.

This strategy aims to make the younger generation not only aware of and change their attitudes related to woman’s health but also caring about the environmental issue to save our planet through our daily activities.