Tips to Make Our Children Love to Learn!

  1. Play while learning
    This will certainly make children enthusiastic about learning because the methods given are not only sitting and reading, but also playing with friends.
  2. Focus on children’s interests and talents
    For maximum results, focus on the children’s interests and talents so that the children become experts in their fields, while continuing to encourage them to learn other things without forcing them.
  3. Appreciate the achievements and shortcomings of children
    Just like us, every child must have one thing they are good at and another thing that they are not good at. Appreciate all the things that children have, so that they grow up to be confident children.
  4. Balanced time between play and study
    To avoid stress on children, they also need to play. Strive to keep their play and study hours in balance.
  5. Build good and open relationships with children
    When children trust their parents, they are more open to their problems, and it is good when parents are the first to know their difficulties so that they don’t choose the wrong next step.