Launch the Ojek Makanan Bergizi (OMG)

In accordance with its commitment to improve nutrition in children and reduce the number of malnourished toddlers, FMCH Indonesia supported by PT Pertamina, is assisting 10 cadres of Posyandu Kenanga 1 and 3 in Belimbing Village, Kec. Kosambi, Kab. Tangerang in early 2018.

Banten Province itself is nationally ranked third in the case of malnutrition after NTT and East Java. 50,092 children under five who experience malnutrition. Tangerang Regency is the highest contributor to the number of malnutrition in children under five. Based on data from the Tangerang District Health Office in 2016, the percentage of malnourished children was 0.41% and malnourished children was 3.17%.

Previously Posyandu cadres had received assistance and training related to Supplementary Food Giving as well as being a joint effort of Posyandu cadres, namely Healthy Toddler Stalls. However, due to lack of business managerial, these activities have become lpassive. For this reason, FMCH Indonesia took the initiative to re-undertake assistance and training by focusing more on business managerial, including simple financial training for businesses. In addition, we also continues to provide training related to nutrition for children.

This joint venture innovation is called OMG (Ojeg Makanan Sehat-Nutritious Food Ride), where cadres not only measure children’s weight and height and provide additional food during the Posyandu schedule, but also do it door to door, focusing on malnourished children.

After participating in this project for 7 months and the OMG team ready to operate with knowledge from FMCH Indonesia, the OMG launched on November 1. The launching was carried out so that the community and local government knew that there were communities that cared about children’s health and were ready to help improve malnutrition in children in Belimbing Village.

The event was attended by the Head of Belimbing Village, Mr. H. Maskota HJs, PKK Chairman, Mrs. Wanih Hafsari, Puskesmas Belimbing Village represented by Mrs. Sri Suhartini and Mr. Sandy, PT Shafti Pertamina represented by Mr. Rohawi and Mr. Endri Widodo, Program Manager of FMCH Indonesia , Mrs. Helga Dyah with the team, as well as all participants who are mothers of the Belimbing Village community with their children.

Each Posyandu has one OMG group with a clear division of tasks and schedules. Some of them are tasked with cooking and measuring nutrition (in consultation with the FMCH Indonesia nutritionist team), going around selling, and making bookkeeping.

PMT menu has various kinds such as banana nuggets, healthy pudding and various other healthy cakes. Food prices are relatively cheap and affordable, IDR 2,000 / pc, but they are still nutritious. The OMG team goes around 3 times a week carrying a measuring device for the child’s weight and height. Measurement results are recorded, especially for malnourished children, so that their progress can be monitored.