Family Support, The Key Success of Breastfeeding

A successfull breastfeeding starts from a happy mom, and it is started from the husband. It is important for husband to have knowledge about breastfeeding.

The important thing is that husband could make a positive atmosphere so mother becomes happy and unstressfull. This stuff also gives effect to the production of breast milk.

Breastfeeding drains mom’s energy, not only physically but also emotionally. Especially, at the beginning of breastfeeding.

So many problems faced by mom during breastfeeding, such as lack of breast milk, or even baby blues.

Support and motivation from husband could really help mother to keep her good mood. Sharing domestic job could be a support from husband during the breastfeeding.

Husband also have to be more patient if mom sometimes become annoying when she is stressful. Give her compliments or a little surprise so she knows that she is loved and feel happy to do her noble job.

Happy mom, happy breastfeeding, and healthy baby 🙂

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