Bank of America Merill Lynch visits FMCH Indonesia

Following my months spent in Mumbai volunteering for FMCH India, I arrived in Jakarta on May 2nd to spend a couple of weeks with FMCH Indonesia. I have had a fantastic time observing YBS’s work & trying to lend as much help as I can, as well as enjoying the city’s sights, sounds and incomparable street food. On the 8th, YBS was visited by representatives from one of its most important sponsors, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML). I was on hand to take photographs.

The BAML delegation, a mixture of Indonesians and expats including, were friendly, interested and keen to spend time with the children – they played games like Chinese Whispers and Pictionary, and taught the children English through the dance Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  The mothers we serve from the community were given lesson by BAML employees for the mothers about financial education. The delegation’s leaders, Ms Mira Arifin and Mr. Matthew Koder, were presented with pictures made by the children.

The success of the visit made last Thursday a brilliant day for both children and adults. It demonstrates the success of YBS’s partnership with Bank of America and cements the relationship, hopefully for many years to come!

Harry Penrhyn Jones